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Emergency Electrician

Leef Electrician - Emergency electrician in Los Angeles

Leef Electrician specializes in providing 24-hour emergency electrical services in Los Angeles region. If you or your neighbor is looking for an emergency electrical services technician, call us immediately and we will be on our way to serve you. No matter the time of day or night, Leef Electrician provides a qualified electrician ensuring that our customers’ requirements will be met. We understand that electrical problems could occur when you least expect, and that is why we always have someone who is ready to respond to your requests.


At Leef Electrician, we are available 24/7 in Los Angeles


Why choose Leef Electrician for emergency electrical services Los Angeles?

We provide a reliable team of electricians to attend to commercial and residential electrical emergencies. Our qualified and licensed team of experts remains polite and friendly, providing an excellent experience to every customer that we serve. To ensure our customers are always happy, we ensure that the site where we were working is left spotlessly clean, after we have completed the job. In addition, we provide you uniformed staff to ensure you can easily identify our electricians. Based on our previous electrical services, we have earned a top rating status, making us the most recommended emergency electricians serving Los Angeles and the environs.

Knowing that electrical faults can result to property damage or even loss of life, we are always focused on ensuring a safe electrical installation. Our electricians have earned a great experience and they shall ensure that the electrical installation meets the industry standards. This is in terms of safety, hence protecting your family and the electrical appliance from power surges.

Let us take you through some of the electrical faults that we handle.

  • Power outages / Electrical failure

Electrical faults can cause power outages, and requires a trained emergency response electrician to fix the fault. Is your home the only one in the area experiencing a power outage? This could be as a result of electrical fault within your home or from the service line. Talk to Leef Electrician for troubleshooting. We will provide the fastest response, ensuring you are reconnected.

  • Blown fuse

A blown fuse can be as a result of an overloaded circuit. Never take the risk of calling inexperienced personnel to try replacing the fuse; this can lead into loss of life or serious damage to your property. Talk to Leef Electrician for professional and safe fuse replacement.

  • Tripping of safety switch

If a safety switch keeps tripping, this can affect the electrical appliances. To ensure no losses, talk to Leef Electrician for replacement of the electrical safety switch.

  • Sparks coming from electrical switch

If you notice smoke or sparks coming out of the electrical switch, do not assume that it will come to an end. You need to report the issue immediately. Call Leef Electrician the emergency electricians serving Los Angeles.

  • Electrical fire hazards as a result of storms or floods

When experiencing strong storms or floods, ensure an emergency electrician is contacted to provide electrical repair work. Call to Leef Electrician for a fast response.


Leef Electrician provides fast and reliable response when customers report electrical problems. We have trained team of experts who are always ready to handle the electrical problems. Call us on (818)287-7661 and we will move with speed rescuing you out of the electrical faults.